Liquidity Provider (LP)

Liquidity Providers can earn seigniorage during positive rebases too. Currently, here are the incentivized pools:

Seigniorage Mining

  • USDx-USDC: 85% of the positive seigniorage

These values can be changed via governance. The reasoning for providing more rewards for USDx-USDC is that SHARE's value depends on the stability and growth of USDx.

Share Mining

In addition, SHARE-ETH can also earn more SHARE via SHARE-mining, where rewards will be paid by the second.

SHARE mining is set to expire in March of 2021, upon which the full and fixed 21M SHARE supply will have been distributed via farming.

At the current writing of this documentation, there are 17.8M circulating Share, which means there are roughly 3.2M Share to be released over the next 3 months.


Each LP participant, upon providing liquidity, must undergo a timelock. This timelock requires them to stay locked as an LP for a minimum time before being able to retrieve his/her LP tokens.

Currently, this timelock is set at 24 hours, however, this can be increased or decreased by governance.

The timelock does not affected seigniorage rewards. These rewards can be claimed every rebase cycle, or accrued over time.

While we recommend claiming often, we emphasize that unclaimed USDx undergoes negative rebase, so we would recommend claiming before a neutral or negative rebase period.